Why Choose Ta Clara

Why Choose Ta Clara

The Benefits Of Amino Acids, Vitamins, And Minerals

Caviar extract, jojoba oil, and argan oil naturally contain over 20 hair and scalp-healthy ingredients! We’ve mentioned the key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in Ta Clara’s caviar anti-aging hair products, but there are too many to list!

Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole foods is also essential for healthy hair. However, topical application of nutrients is essential for targeting your scalp and hair follicles. Also, for ensuring your hair strands remain strong and healthy as it grows.

However, there is one more hair-healthy ingredient we should discuss—amino acids. The outermost part of your hair strands is your hair cuticles. If your cuticles become damaged, your hair will rapidly dry out. Over time, your dry hair will break, lose its shine, and become brittle. Amino acids deliver the moisture required to keep your hair healthy and silky smooth. This is particularly important if you color, bleach, relax, or heat style your hair.

Ready to Try Ta Clara?

Ta Clara’s caviar anti-aging hair products are formulated to reverse hair damage. They are also an excellent proactive approach to keeping your hair lush, shiny, and healthy.

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