Born to serve the modern woman, Ta Clara was founded on the simple mission to craft luxury beauty products that empower women worldwide. For females seeking a newfound sense of freedom, inner strength, and those who want to feel embraced by harnessing the power of nature, Ta Clara is on hand to bring your dreams to life.

Based in Canada but serving worldwide, we plan to expand our operations and reach as many women as possible in the coming years. We consciously craft our beauty products and self-care essentials with the greatest attention to detail, superior quality.

Every item in our collection is inspired by a fusion of Mother Nature and ancient beauty secrets. After releasing our first rare hair care products in 2021 which featured caviar and Argan oil as the core ingredients, we decided to continue leveraging the goodness given to us by the earth – by expanding our line of natural skincare staples and makeup products.

Our core mission is to help women shine from the inside out. Unveil your inner shine – courtesy of Ta Clara.
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